What women leaders say about Strategies for Leadership

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Individuals and teams from all over the world join this comprehensive strategic program to build essential skills that will take their businesses forward. Read some of their stories.

"What I really learned in this program is having some practical tools that fit my own leadership style"

Isabel describes IMD’s faculty and coaching as “extraordinary” and found the program well-balanced, powerful and very valuable.

"The major impact that it had on me is that it made me very self-aware"

Moments of very honest, caring feedback from her classmates allowed Marina to learn a lot about how other people perceive her and what she can improve.

“Inspirational, empowering, invaluable"

Nicole says the program made her realize what she needed to shift within herself to become a stronger, clearer leader.

"I had a chance to work with the best coach I've ever had"

Jessica describes the program as “Life-changing, powerful and challenging with care” and says, for her, it was key to bringing clarity to areas where women build their own biases and limitations.

"I don't think I would have done this project if I had not attended this program"

Yumiko explains how she found inspiration through the program to create the hotel of her dreams in her native Japan.

"I created a totally new professional path for myself"

Taina describes the benefits of learning in an environment made up of women only, something which didn't exist in her workplace.


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