Get the Most out of Asset Management Training

Time to polish up your asset management skills?

Asset Management Training

Asset management training is valuable both for young managers moving from functional to decision-making roles and for senior asset managers to keep their skills sharp and stay entirely current on the global environment. After all, asset management is extremely complex- and will only become more so. In addition to excellent strategic management and optimization of assets, responsible asset management requires 100% firm knowledge of national and international regulatory requirements and legislation.

Asset management training for your career advancement

Senior decision-making positions in asset management carry enormous responsibility. If it's your ambition to take on such a role, you need to demonstrate not only a great track record but also well-rounded theoretical knowledge and the capacity to act in new situations. Asset management training can help with this.

Continuing education in asset management training

The asset manager can never coast or rely on previous strategies. For one thing, the world of asset management changes too rapidly and the stakes are too high considering the direct impact international financial markets have on all asset management. Someone else's mistake can become your problem. In addition, partly because of the first point, regulatory requirements and international legislation are in constant evolution. Continued asset management training is therefore appropriate throughout a manager's career.

Where to go for asset management training?

Asset Management TrainingAsset management training is offered by small one-focus schools, professional associations and business management schools.

Professional associations are often good for asset management training as pertains to specific technical issues and local regulations. However, with today's globally interconnected asset management environment, your best bet for broad, high-level training may be to go with one of the top business schools in the world. This way you can get asset management training along with other corporate training essential for successful managers.

Management training courses from top business management schools can include:

Management skills training, e.g.:

• International business management
• Project management training
• Strategic planning models

Regulatory and legislation, e.g.:

  • Anti-money laundering
  • Professional codes of conduct
  • Reporting and audit

Risk management

Custom-built asset management training for the international environment

Asset Management TrainingTo maximize the impact of your asset management training, some international business schools offer the possibility of working with you to custom-build your program. World-class Faculty guide you through a management training program designed for your company's specific asset management challenges. Sending the asset management team to the same program, either together or over time, is a good way to build visionary, cohesive strategies and a common approach - and so get the most out of asset management training.

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