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Gain the tools, skills and frameworks to successfully implement strategic initiatives and steer change within your organization.
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Starts on
8 February 2021
8 weeks
(4-6 hours per week)
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The IMD online difference

Develop essential skills and hone your business acumen with IMD's online programs:

  • Get immediately applicable insights and tools for real impact at work
  • Learn directly from IMD's world-class faculty in a flexible online format
  • Maximize your learning via weekly interactions with your dedicated executive coach 
Gain insights on smarter execution

Discover key drivers of successful execution and complete a brief diagnostic to assess the specific execution challenges you are facing.

Create a robust execution plan

Craft a compelling vision for your strategic initiative and develop a rigorous 60-day execution plan for implementation. 

Get your stakeholders on board

Learn how to select the right team members and engage different groups of stakeholders to overcome resistance and win them over.

Business executives responsible for leading and implementing strategic change within their organization
Managers facing the challenges of driving organizational change and turning strategic plans into action
Consultants and entrepreneurs involved in designing systems and frameworks for strategy execution

Strategy Execution takes place over 8 weeks and involves 4-6 hours of study per week. 

Each week covers a specific unit and features a mixture of asynchronous videos, readings materials, individual assignments, group discussions and interaction with your dedicated executive coach. 

You can complete the coursework on your own time while meeting weekly deadlines. 

Weekly one-on-one interaction with your coach ensures that you consolidate your learning, receive specific feedback on individual assignments, and take the time to reflect on your learning journey. 

Your coach interacts with you via video, in writing, and over the phone. You have calls, spread across the 8-weeks, at intervals that consolidate your learning.

Unit 1: seven insights of execution

  • Formulate learning objectives and record an individual introduction for fellow participants.
  • Discover the seven insights of smarter execution of strategic initiatives and complete a brief diagnostic to gain greater insight into any specific execution challenges you are facing.

Unit 2: Focus first

  • Analyze the Kone case study to determine the factors that contribute to the success or failure of strategic initiatives.
  • Consider the fundamental purpose of your strategic initiative.
  • What is your focus? Is it fully aligned with your organization’s overall strategy?

Unit 3: Pick the best

  • Study the Nestlé Globe Initiative, which involved overcoming internal resistance to drive a substantial degree of change.
  • Examine how the initiative’s leader built his team and engaged other stakeholders, and consider how these insights can be applied to your own team selection.

Unit 4: Set the course

  • Learn how a powerful vision helped a Best Buy VP to lead a strategic initiative that built the business.
  • Think about how to increase the sense of urgency in your organization about your initiative.
  • Record an “elevator pitch” and develop a vision – a shared ambition for your organization.

Unit 5: Think it through

  • Develop an execution plan for your initiative and assess its impact on the organization, based on interviews with selected stakeholders.
  • Think about and plan a pilot before moving to the rollout phase.

Unit 6: All aboard

  • Discover how to engage different groups of stakeholders, how to communicate with influence and how to overcome resistance.
  • Conduct a stakeholder assessment, reflect on how to communicate your initiative to different audiences and design a high-impact event.

Unit 7: Play to win

  • Reflect on your personal leadership and how you are leading your team.
  • Test what you have learned from the program and participate in an interactive simulation about implementing a strategic initiative that involves managing a team and a group of stakeholders.

Unit 8: Follow through

In the final week, we will debrief the simulation, summarize the lessons learned and look at how you can monitor the progress of your strategic initiative moving forward.


Bettina Büchel
Professor Bettina Büchel
Professor of Strategy and Organization

Bettina Büchel has been Professor of Strategy and Organization at IMD since 2000. Her current research topics include strategy implementation, new business development, strategic alliances and change management.

She has…

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At IMD we care about your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise make available to third parties any personal information for marketing purposes. Read complete privacy policy.
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