The Team

Voyager Co-Directors

Ric Roi
Professor Ric Roi
Affiliate Professor of Leadership & Organization

Ric Roi is a senior business psychologist who advises boards and CEOs on matters related to board renewal, CEO succession, and leadership transitions. He is also an expert in top team effectiveness and strategic talent…

Misiek Piskorski
Professor Misiek Piskorski
Dean of IMD South East Asia and Oceania and Professor of Digital Strategy, Analytics and Innovation

Mikołaj Jan Piskorski, also known as Misiek Piskorski, is an expert on digital strategy, platform strategy and the process of digital business transformation. He works with companies in various industries across the…

Voyager team members

Katharina Lange
Professor Katharina Lange
Affiliate Professor of Leadership

Katharina Lange specializes in teaching executives globally about leading self, leading teams, and leading organizations, and in building resilience at the individual, team, and organizational level as well as leading…

James Henderson
Professor James Henderson
Professor of Strategic Management

James Henderson is an expert on strategic agility, or the development and implementation of strategy under uncertainty. His research focuses on competitive strategy, corporate strategy, digital transformation, ecosystems…

Robert Hooijberg
Professor Robert Hooijberg
Professor of Organizational Behavior

Robert Hooijberg’s areas of interest include leadership, negotiations, team building, digital transformation, and organizational culture, with a specific focus on the alignment of culture and strategy. He helps…

Bettina Büchel
Professor Bettina Büchel
Professor of Strategy and Organization

Bettina Büchel is an expert on strategy implementation, new business development, and change management. Her work is focused on leading strategic transformation programs and working closely with CEOs to build…

Winter Nie
Professor Winter Nie
Professor of Management


Winter Nie’s expertise lies at the intersection of change management and leadership, with a focus on strategy, team dynamics, and change initiatives. She has a deep understanding of how people at different levels…

Mark Greeven
Professor Mark Greeven
Professor of Innovation and Strategy and Dean of IMD China

Mark Greeven draws on a decade of experience in research, teaching and consulting in China to explore how to organize innovation in a turbulent world. He was named on the prestigious Thinkers50 Radar list of 30 Next…

Tina Lieber picture
Tina Lieber
Talent Management Advisor at IMD

Experienced Development Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Strong human resources professional skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Market Research, Management, and Marketing…