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IMD designs a new research agenda  together with CSM members every two years. The research results and empirical evidence are show-cased during bi-annual forums.

2008/2009 Research topics

The 2008-2009 research cycle will focus on these issues:

  1. Reviewing the "evergreens": Embedding sustainability in the business
  2. Sustainability players: Current states of play
  3. Business climate, world climate; A process of dynamic change?
  4. The "race to the bottom"

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2006/2007 Research topics

The 2006-2007 research cycle focused on the following issues:

Topic Summary

Multi-stakeholder dialogues and public-private partnerships; successes and failures

We will select some examples of multi-stakeholder dialogues and PPPs to understand whether and why these mechanisms are effective or ineffective.

Sustainability “mega-issues”; challenges and dilemmas for companies Here, we look at how companies are dealing with global “mega-issues” that challenge them well outside the factory gate and supply chain.
Product responsibility in a global economy We focus on understanding the global competitive environment affecting product responsibility and on the main barriers to establishing a full and transparent supply chain.
Business and human rights; a new agenda We collaborate with the business leader’s initiative to run an open forum on this topic.
2004/2005 Research topics

The 2004-2005 research cycle focused on these issues:

Topic Summary
Breaking down the barriers: driving sustainability through organizations Building on the previous work carried out on the business case for sustainability, CSM looked at effective ways to break down resistance within companies and apply sustainability strategies successfully.
Quantifying the sustainability benefit of strategic projects We focused on tools, examples and case studies that establish significant economic links between daily business practice and the concept of sustainable development.
Consumers and sustainability We examined the status of the debate on sustainable consumption to identify when companies can take action and whether they can develop synergies with governments and consumer organizations.

"The forum for CSM provides Nestlé with a valuable platform for discussing Corporate Sustainability Management ideas and concepts with other companies facing similar challenges.  The forum’s research provides the required scientific background, acts as a catalyst for the discussions and ensures a professional orientation."

Hans Jöhr, Corporate Head of Agriculture
Nestlé, Switzerland

Hans Jöhr

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