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Agile vs. death-by-committee

By Carlos Cordon with Isaak Tsalicoglou. - 17/04/2017

The writing is on the wall: if you want to innovate in the digital world, you must be agile. Four of the top five companies by market cap (Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet and Amazon) use Agile methodologie ...

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Innovation, Organizational Design

Supply Chain 4.0

By Carlos Cordon - 03/02/2017

In an amazing twist, technology is rendering the old fundamentals of supply chain management obsolete. In Russia, Adidas increased sales in Moscow by double digits in 24 hours, thanks to a supply chai ...

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Value Chain

Strategy is Digital

By Carlos Cordon with Pau Garcia-Milà, Teresa Ferreiro, Pablo Caballero. - 23/06/2016

This book presents strategies and practices to allow everyday companies to cope with the fundamentally changing landscape of business models and to take advantage of the huge business opportunities ...

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Innovation, Organizational Design

The three leadership skills to take your business digital

By Carlos Cordon - 18/05/2016

It would often seem that to succeed in the digital world, you need to be a young manager in a startup born with digital DNA, like Alibaba , Uber or Google . This is not the case. Research I have ...

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Information Technology

Big Data in Real Business

By Carlos Cordon, Michael Sorell with Susan Stehli. - 19/04/2016
Contributor: Pau Garcia-Milà, Shawn Fedun.

  In November 2015, about 140 participants gathered to learn about the impact that big data is having on real businesses from a variety of industries all over the world. They came away with tools to h ...

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What Have Digital and Social Media Done to Your Strategy and What Should You Do about It?

By Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, Carlos Cordon, Athanasios Kondis - 07/03/2016

  In September 2015, almost 100 senior executives with diverse industry backgrounds and expertise attended an IMD Discovery Event on digital and social media. They had the opportunity to analyze how ...

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How can traditional businesses react to the digital transformation tsunami? Four steps to success

By Carlos Cordon, Teresa Ferreiro - 15/01/2016

Introduction: How can a company overcome a 90% drop in revenues? By using big data. But how? Where should it start? This is the situation that major Dutch healthcare company Mediq faced in 2012. It us ...

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Value Chain

The Value Chain Shift

By Carlos Cordon with Teresa Ferreiro. - 07/05/2014

Value chains today have a huge impact on multinational corporations’ right to exist and the way they compete. The future challenges associated with value chains are also huge and include new demands f ...

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Organizational Design, Strategy

Anchored agility: the holy grail of competitiveness

By Bettina Büchel, Michael R. Wade - 17/06/2013

  We  state that we are a global company with operations in multiple countries. So, from the outside, it looks like a true multinational; but the view from the inside is less clear: We have 4 e-mail ...

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Value Chain

Strategic Supply Chain Management

By Carlos Cordon, Ralf W. Seifert with Kim Sundoft Hald. - 16/04/2012

The supply chain is at the heart of every successful business organization's decision-making process. This textbook explains how to create a winning supply chain management strategy by spotlighting ho ...

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