Sustainability and responsible leadership are more than hot boardroom topics. They are the key to a successful future for every company, large or small, across the globe. But do the enormous technical and psychological challenges of transforming your organization into a sustainable poster-child fill you with frustration, skepticism or feelings of helplessness? Do you feel overwhelmed? Confused? Burned by expensive attempts to lead your organization onto sustainable paths that failed to result in “triple wins” for your business, society and the planet?

Let global leadership guru Professor Allen Morrison and sustainability expert Dr Heidi Strebel of IMD’s Global CEO Center guide you into a future in which your company will not only survive but thrive. You have the power to change the world. Thriving in the Future: A Responsible Leader’s Guide to Sustainability will show you how. Morrison and Strebel offer responsible leaders a practical, step-by-step, transformative path forward to a sustainable future developed from their extensive research and in-depth interviews with game-changing innovators like Herman Miller, Tata Motors, Philips, Nestlé, Natura, Tupperware, LEGO and many others. Their success can be your success.

IMD Publishing, 2015 ● Paperback ● ISBN 9782940485116
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