The Global Trends Report 2013: Towards a Distributed Future, is an invaluable guide to the global trends that are reshaping the world in which we will live and operate in the future. Businesses today face a significant challenge in operating in two extreme timeframes: Responding to rising short-term pressures while simultaneously preparing their organizations for fundamental longer-term changes reshaping world markets.

To reconcile the “gap” between these two mindsets, it is critical to a point of view on the future to guide and shape actions today. The Global Trends Report 2013 helps leaders to translate the mass of data about how the world is changing into actions to prepare their organizations for the future today. It addresses three main topics:

a) What is happening, i.e. the data;
b) What are the resulting challenges and opportunities, i.e. understanding and implications; 
c) What are the questions you need to ask to be able to prepare for action today.

Strategy Dynamics, 2012 ● Paperback ● ISBN 9782970084716

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