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Putting knowledge into action with the IMD Case of the Month series

Every month, IMD showcases one case study by renown faculty that highlights the most pressing issues and influential organizations of our time.

IMD Case of the Month series

From major multinationals like Nestlé to family businesses like Firmenich, IMD’s cases serve as a key learning tool for senior executives worldwide. Highlighting the work of IMD faculty, the cases – both new and classic – take on topics including strategy, leadership, general management and sustainability in a diverse range of organizations. 

The “Case of the Month” appears the first Monday of every month and is explored with a highlights video and executive summary of the lessons learned as well as the insights garnered from this specialized research.

The case method is an established pedagogical tool that boots real-life decision-making as well as business and management theory, while at the same time helping to develop a wide range of vital skills. These include negotiation, analysis, team and individual work, and avoiding making decisions based on too little information.

Throughout its long history, IMD has been at the forefront of case writing and teaching; the institute’s cases have unique international focus and serve as a timeless tool for developing the leadership capabilities of executives and participants.

Climeworks: (A) A Visionary Business to Help Stop Climate Change and (B) Business Modeling – Creating New Market Opportunities

April Case of the Month, by Professor Peter Vogel and Head of Sustainability Natalia Olynec

Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher founded Climeworks to help resolve the climate change crisis They aim to remove 1% of global CO2 emissions from Earth’s atmosphere by 2025.

Their vision, to capture and sell carbon dioxide, was not only bold, but would require massive company growth, the birth of a new industry and creation of new markets.

Christoph and Jan would need to bring production costs down low enough to allow for the massive rollout required to make their lofty ideal viable, prove that their plan was technologically feasible and create market opportunities for their product.

Roche Diagnostics Belgium: (A) Changing a Winning Formula and (B) Cultural and Digital Transformation

March Case of the Month, by Professors Heather Cairns-Lee and Tawfik Jelassi

Three months after stepping into the role of General Manager at Roche Diagnostics Belgium, Anna-Maria Heuchel-Reinig started to question whether the mature and successful organization was fulfilling its potential. The gap between what Anna witnessed and the organization’s narrative was perplexing. 

After a period of questioning and sensemaking of whether to change a ‘winning formula’, Anna set a number of clear goals and priorities that would initiate the organization’s transformation. 

The intensive cultural and digital transformation program had the ultimate goal of readying RDB to become more agile and a more customer-centric organization.

IMD Case of the Month series

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