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Crisis of Western democracy

Democracies run on trust, but trust is in short supply. Many Western democracies appear to be in crisis mode: mainstream political parties are being upset by peripheral movements, nationalism is on the rise and voter polarization is straining the fabric of civil society.

In Europe, the rise of far-right parties is pushing new agendas into mainstream politics. In a previously unthinkable move, the UK has voted to leave the European Union. Elsewhere, skepticism about the European Union is gaining voter traction for far-right groups, as is discontent over the migrant crisis. Terrorist attacks are fanning the flames of ethno-nationalism. For Western democracies, the pendulum is swinging from a historical emphasis on cooperation and connectedness – as political interests converged during globalization – to more insular and populist tendencies. Pessimists fear an erosion of democratic laws and shared social beliefs. In the US and elsewhere, the emergence of a “post- truth” political debate, along with the economic insecurity brought about by technological change,are upending the political landscape.

Did you know?

The proportion of young Americans who believe it is absolutely important to live in a democratic country has dropped from 91% for people born in the 1930s to 57% for those born in the 1980s, according to the Washington Post.

IMD Speaks

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