Global Signals

In a rapidly changing environment, what are the global indicators that help you to keep track and make sense of the different events and trends affecting business? What are the opportunities you might have missed out on?

At IMD, we believe these are crucial questions that business leaders should be asking themselves. To this end, IMD has created “IMD Global Signals™” to be used in class-facilitated sessions.

This page offers a selection of IMD's Global Signals with one "Signal of the Month" to reflect the top current indicator.

Blurring industry boundaries

Research shows that since 2000, 52% of Fortune 500 companies have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased to exist, at least in part, due to digital disruption.

Collaborative consumption

Why own when you can share? If you want a ride, use Uber or Lyft. If you want to take a vacation, stay in someone else’s property with AirBnB. Need an errand run? Use TaskRabbit to get so...

Increasing infrastructure gaps

There is a widening gap between the world’s infrastructure spending and the level of investment actually needed to support expected population expansion and global GDP growth. Over the ne...

Making social impact

A company cannot prosper long term without engaging all its stakeholders – including its surrounding community and society. Is your company driven by hitting quarterly earnings targets or...

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