Ref: IMD-7-2060

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Reference: IMD-7-2060

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Jan van Hasenbroek (B): Going back to school

Susan Goldsworthy
Kamran Kashani

By Professor Susan GoldsworthySusan Goldsworthy, Emeritus Professor Kamran KashaniKamran Kashani and Lisa Simone Duke

This 2-page case describes the decision Jan took to try to change the way he led IG&H, having been made aware of the harm his leadership was inflicting on the people he managed. He described this realization as “an emotional breakthrough.” The case ends with his decision to attend an executive program on Leadership, raising the following questions for class discussion: Can a program change a career-long leadership behaviour? Why or why not? And what is possible and likely to change in Jan’s case and what is not?

Learning Objective

  • To show Jan’s painful awakening about his flawed leadership behaviour and his decision to stay with the firm but to seek help starting with attending an executive program on Leadership.
  • To raise issues about the challenges of changing one’s deeply ridden behaviours, and discuss if or how attending a single Leadership program could help the transformation.
  • To use the video interview with Jan for case (B) reflecting on his long transformation journey to demonstrate the struggles but also the rewards of becoming a self-aware leader mindful of how his/her words and actions can motivate or demotivate others.
Keywords Consultancy, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Knowledge Management, Leadership, Leadership Dilemma, Micromanagement, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Work-Family Balance
Settings Europe, Netherlands
IG&H, Consultancy
Type Field Research
Copyright ©IMD 2020
Language English
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Reference: IMD-7-2060

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Case study

Reference: IMD-7-2060

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