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Finance for Executives - 2nd ed.

A practical guide for managers

The book Finance for Executives: A Practical Guide for Managers meets the needs of global executives, both finance as well as non-financial managers. It is a practical and fundamental finance reference book for any manager, as it makes a perfect balance of financial management theory and practice. It focuses on corporate finance concepts from value creation to derivatives, including cost of capital (and WACC), valuation, financing policies, project evaluation, and many other essential finance definitions.

Finance for Executives makes finance simple and intuitive, through the use of real world data (brief company case studies and empirical examples of concepts), Excel financial modelling tools, and practical short chapters.

Target Audience:
This finance book is appropriate for business executives, from all backgrounds, seeking to:

  • Focus on the links between financial management and the strategy of their company, be it a private or publicly traded company.
  • Discover how to create value for their company and boost its financial performance.
  • Understand the key topics of corporate finance for non-financial managers.
  • Create a cost of capital culture within a company.
  • Refresh and broaden their understanding of the latest financial concepts and tools.
  • Learn about financial management for decision makers - including financing and dividend policies, company valuation, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), project evaluation, cost of capital (WACC) estimation, or risk management and derivatives.

Finance for Executives is suited as a finance textbook for corporate finance programs, executive education courses, as well as in MBA, master's, and executive MBA programs. Indeed, the book is based on many years of executive education and consulting with world-class corporations from all continents of the world.

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