Why PepsiCo is splashing out US$3.2 billion on SodaStream
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Why PepsiCo is splashing out US$3.2 billion on SodaStream

It's a bold move from outgoing Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi
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August 2018

PepsiCo announced it would acquire SodaStream for US$3.2 billion, a 10% premium on SodaStream’s stock price and a 100% increase since the beginning of 2018.

On the surface, it could be that a large, diversified food and beverage company like PepsiCo is simply looking to go even further by expanding into related, but new markets. After all, PepsiCo is more than 100 times the size of SodaStream. As well as owning drinks like Pepsi-Cola and Gatorade, it includes Lay’s, Walkers and Doritos crisps.

But we believe this acquisition is much more than that. It is a bold statement by outgoing PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi regarding her legacy and what she wants the future of PepsiCo to be – more socially minded, with a greater emphasis on sustainability.


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