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IMD 2023 Campus, MBA students. Photo ©Mark Henley/IMD

IMD Brand refresh and Website

A bold visual identity for the digital age

As you explore our 2022 Annual Report, you will notice that we have introduced a refreshed visual identity for IMD. Our logo has been subtly yet meaningfully restyled and a new more modern, warmer set of colors and elements has been designed to better portray our human-centered approach to learning.

In refreshing the brand, our goal has been to reflect the evolution that IMD has undergone in recent years, and to celebrate and amplify our innovative and pioneering spirit. We placed the focus on a ‘digital first’ brand that also highlights the human aspects of what we do: accompanying people and organizations on a learning journey – be that digitally or physically.

We believe we now have a more modern visual identity that will take us into the future with vibrancy and optimism. Yet it still maintains a strong connection and closeness to our heritage and our worldwide community of clients, alumni, and partners.

It’s been an exciting evolution for us, one that has made us ever more conscious of who we are and the impact we have in challenging what is and inspiring what could be.

Paying homage to our heritage, looking to the future

Our brand refresh pays homage to our heritage while making the IMD brand more modern, vibrant, and bold. It reflects our global reach and Swiss roots, and our purpose to develop leaders who transform organizations and contribute to society.

The subtle retouches to the IMD logo strengthen our classic, clean, legible, and recognizable word mark featuring angular slashes, and a joined M and D. You may be interested to know that the angle of the slashes is 22 degrees and picks up on a device found in the past brand inspired by shapes present in the architecture on IMD’s campus in Lausanne. The 22-degree slash also represents the present, a nod to the year of the brand refresh.


Our signature color is Lac Léman Blue to reflect IMD’s stunning natural environment in Lausanne.
Our secondary color palette of bold, vibrant colors is at the same time warmer and more human, delivering real impact and illustrating diverse perspectives. We strive to be the trusted learning partner of ambitious individuals and organizations worldwide and our new photography style illustrates this human-centered approach to lifelong learning and development.

IMD 2023 MBA students. Photo ©Mark Henley/IMD

Finally, we’ve also created a powerful visual element inspired by origami which represents the opening of an idea, the unfolding of an intricate story, and the development and growth of leaders. Taking something simple and creating something new, unique, and multifaceted highlights how we at IMD help leaders navigate complexity, while also enabling them to evolve and develop in their own unique ways.

Our new brand is modern, vibrant, and bold, but grounded in our environment and heritage. It is IMD: challenging what is and inspiring what could be.