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OWP Lausanne 2022 at IMD Business School

I by IMD

Since its launch in 2021, I by IMD has become a key pillar in our thought leadership: a vibrant knowledge hub and quarterly magazine where external contributors and IMD faculty share their expertise and insights on a whole range of current issues and topics for the business world.

I by IMD offers first-person business intelligence from the brightest thinkers in academia, business and society. Written by experts for experts, the digital hub and printed quarterly magazine share the latest thinking and research on the challenges and opportunities of business leadership with a global audience.

Our digital hub recorded 354,149 unique users during 2022, while 5,000 copies of the magazine were distributed each quarter. On average visitors spend almost two hours exploring our digital content ecosystem and download around 11,000 podcasts each month.

Top countries audience

  • USA
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • India
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Denmark
  • UAE

In 2022, the magazine explored the hot topics of supply chain, leadership and power, cybersecurity, and family enterprises as its core focus, with a wealth of complementary content regularly made available on the digital hub. Our regular features include CEO dialogues, the Forecaster on innovative thinking, audio articles, the book club, podcasts, and columnists.

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CEOs in dialogue



Among the most popular highlights of 2022, the CEO Dialogue Series presented by IMD President Jean-François Manzoni, featured in-depth multimedia interviews with 12 top executives, exploring insights from the challenges of leadership through a news-focused lens.

Guest CEOs included Accenture CEO Julie Sweet, President and of Wärtsilä Håkan Agnevall, Ping An Co-CEO Jessica Tan, CEO of Holcim Jan Jenisch, and Tukule Founder and CEO Khadija Mohamed-Churchill. This influential interview series attracted 12,700 podcast plays.

I by IMD has built up an engaged global community thanks to the diversity, depth and quality of content, as well as the variety of formats designed to spark conversation and deliver actionable insights.


Items published


Contributors 20% IMD, 80% external

354 k+

Unique users

260 k+

Social impressions

5 k

Print copies distributed each quarter