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The consistently high quality and global reputation of IMD’s case output led to another record volume of sales of our cases around the world in 2022.

Top business schools, universities, and companies from more than 120 countries bought 217,132 cases across the year, while our faculty produced a further 84 original cases and a wealth of support material such as videos and presentations.

Three current faculty members, and three former IMD experts, were named among The Case Centre’s top 50 best-selling authors in 2021/2022: Kamran Kashani, Peter Killing, Carlos Cordon, Stefan Michel, Dominique Turpin, and Benoît Leleux.


The Case Centre’s 2022 bestselling cases list also featured a record 12 IMD cases

In 2022 IMD cases won awards in all the major international case-writing competitions.

  • EFMD Case Writing Competition Award – African Business Cases and 2022 The Case Centre Competitions – Outstanding Case Writer
    ANGAZA: A Silicon Valley journey by Vanina Farber and Shih-Han Huang
  • 2022 The Case Centre Awards – Overall Winner
    Adidas: How to keep running fast in a post-COVID-19 world? by Niccolò Pisani and Ornella Lupoi
  • 2022 HEC Montreal CSR Challenge – first place
    Lionheart Farms (Philippines) and the tree of life (abridged) by Benoît Leleux, Anna Ziolkovska, José Mora, Said Chekri, and Thibaud de Veyrac
  • 2022 HEC Montreal CSR Challenge – second place
    Schneider Electric: Becoming the world leader in sustainability by Frédéric Dalsace
  • 2022 HEC Montreal CSR Challenge – third place
    Values-based entrepreneurship: Opaline’s bubbles (abridged) by Benoît Leleux and Marc Chauvet
  • EFMD Case Writing Competition Award – Family Business
    Brown-Forman: Nothing better in the market by Benoît Leleux, Marta Widz and Marc Chauvet
  • 2021 EFMD Case Writing Competition Award – Responsible Leadership
    NIA Impact Capital: Active ownership for social justice by Vanina Farber and María Helena Jaén
  • 2022 John Molson MBA International Case Writing Competition – second place
    KINTO: Toyota’s new mobility services platform by Dominique Turpin, Winter Nie, and Ivy Buche
  • 2022 John Molson MBA Case Writing Competition – third place
    Kineer: A social marketing challenge by Dominique Turpin, Umashankar Venkatesh, Jones Mathew, and Sandeep Puri

“Case studies are a staple of business school education. The fact that six faculty are on this year’s bestselling list is a testament to the in-depth insights they obtain from working closely with companies.”

Anand Narasimhan, Shell Professor of Global Leadership and Dean of Research at IMD