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In 2022, IMD’s academic and practitioner article output increased across the board with articles in FT50 journals increasing to 23 and in other academic peer-reviewed journals to 43, a new record high.

IMD faculty and research fellows covered a diverse range of topics from sustainability, leadership, innovation, diversity, equity, and inclusion to strategy, human resources, corporate governance, family business, supply chain, and technology management.

Here are a few examples of IMD faculty’s insightful FT50 articles:

  • Moving the needle on sustainability, Harvard Business Review by Goutam Challagalla and Frédéric Dalsace
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  • Defining and conceptualizing impact investing: Attractive nuisance or catalyst? Journal of Business Ethics by Kai Hockerts, Lisa Hehenberger, Stefan Schaltegger, and Vanina Farber
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  • How smart products create connected customers, MIT Sloan Management Review by Mohan Subramaniam
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  • The ransomware dilemma, MIT Sloan Management Review by Philipp Leo, Öykü Isik, Fabian Muhly
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  • Now you see me, now you don’t: A conceptual model of the antecedents and consequences of leader impostorism, Journal of Management by Ronit Kark, Alyson Meister, Kim Peters
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  • Identifying unmet needs in a digital age, Harvard Business Review Jean-Louis Barsoux, Michael R Wade, Cyril Bouquet
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Faculty papers also garner awards

Faculty Paper Awards

1- Best Paper Award

17th EIASM Workshop on Family Firm Management Research, Family Leadership and Radical Innovation, Alfredo De Massis, Ivan Miroshnychenko, Lorenzo Ardito, and Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli

2- Best Paper Award

International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) 2022 Conference, Welcome or Not? A mixed methods study on artificial intelligence technologies in family-influenced firms, Ivan Miroshnychenko, Jonas Soluk, and Satish Nambisan

3- Best Paper Award

European Academy of Management, Management Challenges in Family Business, Artificial Intelligence Adoption in Family-Influenced Firms: A social capital perspective, Jonas Soluk, Ivan Miroshnychenko, and Satish Nambisan

4- Best Qualitative Family Business Paper Award

European Academy of Management, Family or Growth: The interplay between strategy and family business identity during the exogenous shock, Alfredo De Massis, Bingbing Ge, and Rebecca V A Kleine

5- Best Unpublished Paper Award

2022 Family Firm Institute, Conflict origin and management mechanisms in family firms, Alfredo De Massis, Marco Mismetti, and Cristina Bettinelli