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Faculty Recruitment

In 2022 IMD welcomed five faculty members to further bolster its capabilities in the areas of sustainability, leadership, digital transformation and innovation.

IMD is an ideal home for scholars wishing to challenge what is and inspire what could be. We have full confidence our new colleagues will not only challenge and inspire our participants, but they will also equally challenge and inspire us.

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Heather Cairns-Lee was appointed Affiliate Professor of Leadership. Her work involves the design and delivery of executive learning, research into leadership and organizational development, group facilitation, and executive coaching.

You can read Heather’s full profile here.

Martin Fellenz is Affiliate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior. His main areas of teaching include leadership development, organizational transformation, cultural change, and negotiation.


Discover more about Martin here.

Florian Hoos is a Professor of Sustainability and ESG accounting. He is an award-winning teacher, innovator, and writer. The core of his work is helping organizations from startups to multinationals to execute strategies with measurable economic, social, and ecological impact.

More about Florian can be found here.

Kazuo Ichijo is Professor of Innovation and Leadership. He is a leading authority on innovation through the process of organizational knowledge creation. His areas of expertise are the development of knowledge-based competence by firms, the management of innovation, and corporate transformation.

You can read Kazuo’s full profile here.

Mohan Subramaniam is Professor of Strategy and Digital Transformation. He focuses on the digital transformation of incumbent industrial firms and new sources of competitive advantage in the digital age.

Find Mohan’s full profile here.