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Our People

At IMD we strive to build and foster an inclusive, caring, high-performance work environment that attracts talented and engaged colleagues. We support employees in their career development and regularly offer new opportunities within IMD, which are displayed on our internal careers page.

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Offering a range of learning and development opportunities

In 2022, we continued to provide all employees with access to a range of professional development opportunities and training sessions.


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colleagues: external training


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Lunch & Learn sessions

In 2022, IMD achieved ISO 27701 certification for data privacy and renewed the ISO 27001 certification for information security. To prepare and educate staff on cyber security and data privacy issues, we initiated mandatory training on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and offered several Cyber Security Awareness training sessions.

Our workplace policies

In 2022, we fully implemented our new Whistleblower and Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policies. To ensure that all employees are well informed on anti-bribery and anti-corruption behavior, extensive training sessions for all employees and staff will take place in 2023.
The Teleworking policy we introduced in 2021 has been fully implemented to enable colleagues to address their work-life balance by dividing their time between the campus and their home offices.

A focus on a healthy and safe community

At IMD we take proactive measures to keep our community healthy and safe.
During 2022, we adapted to local regulations regarding the Covid pandemic in compliance with the regulations and recommendations of the Swiss government. When restrictions were lifted in April 2022, we continued to offer face masks, hand sanitizer gel, and self-tests free of charge for anyone on campus as well as offering covid vaccinations to all employees. Colleagues are offered free flu vaccinations, including a homeopathic option.
We also placed a strong emphasis on caring for the mental wellness of our employees. In addition to monthly articles and tips for mental wellness through our intranet, we offered psychological emergency training for staff and support that is delivered by the local Clinique du Travail.

We engage with and listen to our employees

To give important updates on the institution’s operations, strategy, news, and achievements, we hold monthly community meetings with the opportunity for all employees to raise questions. During 2022, more than 2,000 participants joined the meetings either in-person or remotely from across the globe. We also launched the “Better, Simpler, Cheaper” initiative, giving all employees the opportunity to share their ideas for improving processes on a new dashboard.

We conduct an internal, online “pulse” survey every year and a full employee engagement survey every two years with an external partner. Our latest employee climate survey showed that over 90% of our colleagues reported understanding clearly how their job contributes to achieving the goals of IMD, and having confidence in the Institute’s future.


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A part of our local community

IMD’s employee community has been supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine as well as refugees in Switzerland following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Staff opened their homes to refugees, volunteered in local support centers, and organized several humanitarian aid drives.
Staff and faculty volunteered in supermarkets during two Samedi du Partage events collecting shopping items to support people in need, and through the local organization Fondation Mère Sofia, our community gifted new and second-hand toys for Christmas to over 300 families and 600 children.