B2B Pricing Strategy - your learning journey

This online course is 5 weeks long. It's long enough for you to apply to your own working context what you learn and to develop your pricing capabilities.

Unit 1 - Pricing Excellence & Superior Value Propositions

  • Learn about pricing excellence and the distinct capabilities that you must manage
  • Develop a superior value proposition by building in-depth customer insights
  • Look at who your customers are and what they really want and how a convincing value proposition connects the benefit of your offer to the value your customers’ desire

Unit 2 - From Cost-Based & Competition-Based to Value-Based Pricing

  • Competition-based and cost-based pricing strategies
  • Implementation of value-based pricing
  • 4 strategies for value-based pricing success

Unit 3 - Pricing Psychology

  • How pricing psychology applies to decision-making and its impact on your work as a “perception manager”
  • Learn key psychological principles and concrete examples of what drives buyers to make decisions
  • Improve the way your company frames its offer

Unit 4 - Discounts, Waterfalls, Pitches & Auctions

  • “Unlearn” and ban the word commoditization
  • Look at why executives overestimate their maximum price level and underestimate their ability to increase their prices
  • Learn strategies to prepare for pitches and reverse auctions

Unit 5 - Pricing Capabilities

  • Consolidate the information gathered throughout the program
  • Explore the capabilities needed to achieve pricing excellence
  • How you can personally put them into action