B2B Sales and Marketing: What’s Your Social Media Strategy for B2B Sales and Marketing?

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B2B Sales and MarketingB2B sales and marketing professionals know that today, they can’t get by without social media. And why would they want to? Social media is an extremely powerful tool for B2B sales and marketing... done right. Therein lies the crux. Unfortunately, many marketing and branding managers use social media without, frankly, even fully understanding it. It’s critical to judiciously incorporate an interconnected set of social media tactics into your marketing strategy plan to advance your B2B sales and marketing.

Have you determined your best platforms?
It’s a mistake to think you need to use absolutely every social media channel out there. It’s also a mistake to not use the ones that can best position you to reach your B2B sales and marketing goals. Identify the strategies that fit your organization. A small business may want to focus on just a few high-return platforms that they have the resources to implement. On the other hand, if that small business is in a tech industry, they risk looking out-of-touch and should divert more B2B sales and marketing resources to social media.

Improve your B2B performance in tough markets

Do you know when and how to leverage your social media activities?
Many B2B sales and marketing professionals have been learning social media on-the-fly – and there’ve been some famous (and less famous) flops. Your social media strategy needs to be clear on what, when and how to use the tools and platforms available.

  • In B2B sales and marketing, social media is for networking, not prospecting
  • Don’t just have accounts, use them
  • Make extensive use of social media information gathering tools to know your current customers and target promising new ones in your customer analysis marketing plan
  • Share information and contacts – remember it’s social and what goes around comes around (yes, this means rethinking the definition of competition)
  • Interact! You’ll get noticed when you share useful ideas in your industry instead of just talking about yourself
  • Do not try to control what customers say – they will know and they will react; instead, redefine them as co-creators of value

B2B Sales and MarketingHave you built a review and assessment cycle into your plan?
Everything you need is there in terms of marketing and branding monitoring, tracking and communication with clients to help you review your B2B sales and marketing social media plan. Assess your strategies and refine them regularly. The effectiveness of the various social media platforms changes over time and new ones come on the scene continually. A proper social media strategy cycle will ensure the continuity of your overarching marketing strategy plan.

Perfect your B2B sales and marketing social media skills with executive education
Looking to get a solid base of social media skills to improve your overall marketing strategy plan for B2B sales and marketing? Top international business schools are in touch with the real-world use of social media. There, you can leverage executive education, such as a good marketing course or strategy management training, to gain the right social media marketing and branding skills, knowledge and strategic thinking. You’ll hone general management, business, marketing and leadership skills to be action-ready. You’ll be on top of the ever-changing virtual world to skillfully and strategically leverage social media for success in B2B sales and marketing.

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Discover how IMD's Pricing Strategy Online Course can boost your competitive advantage. Download the (NEW) program brochure now.

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