Want to get your balance back? Become a "whole" leader" with the best corporate leadership development programs

Here's the deal...

The best corporate leadership development programs nowadays are all about "whole" leadership. You may discuss art as well as business during the program, your family as well as your employees. There is nothing new age about it. Research from the best corporate leadership development programs confirms that long-term success in business comes to the leader who is engaged with the heart as well as the head.

Best Corporate Leadership Development Programs

Of course there is nothing new under the sun. Leonardo da Vinci gave businesses this message in 1490, with his drawing of the Vitruvian Man. This drawing is the symbol of balance and proportion. The human body is shown to be working in harmony with its universe. The best corporate leadership development programs exist to help you become a whole leader, working in harmony with your greater business.

Today's leadership challenge is then for corporations to find this harmony. The harmony that must exist between leadership and management, between strategy and execution and of course between developing the self and developing others. The best corporate leadership development programs will train you to include your rational and your emotional intelligence – your head and your heart. Simply put:

  • Head: your head leads strategy, planning and sees the way ahead.
  • Heart: your heart chooses integrity and purpose as its values and works to develop others to build a better reality for all.

Looking for an example...?

One example of "whole" leadership success is the award-winning French chef, Anne-Sophie Pic. Michelin-star Pic was used as a case study during a recent leadership training course at one of the top european business schools.

Pic, born in 1960, comes from a family of French chefs. She originally chose to eschew the family business and work in management. When her father died, she came back to manage the restaurant but it started to lose its ranking. It was then that she learned the crucial message taught by best corporate leadership development programs. It's not just about management. To be successful you need to lead with your heart and your head.

Pic recognized that a restaurant is all about giving the customer an unforgettable culinary experience. She literally rolled up her sleeves and went back into the kitchen. She discovered her passion for cooking with no previous training. It was a personal leadership training program that worked. Pic led the restaurant back to glory. Customers returned. The ratings went up to three Michelin stars.

Best Corporate Leadership Development Programs

Like all great leaders, Pic has a bigger vision. She wants to "spread the word." Her leadership challenge is to communicate the same exquisite culinary experience to a bigger international audience. So far she is successful. Pic now heads a Michelin two-star restaurant in Switzerland, at the five-star Beau Rivage Palace hotel in Lausanne. There are further plans for international growth.

Her example resonates with the teachings of the best leadership development programs. She has used her heart to build trust between herself and her customers. She has used her head to set strategy and give new direction to the family business. She has set high personal standards and provided employees with a valuable place to come to work.

Five minutes walk from Pic's restaurant in Lausanne, is IMD, one of the top business schools in the world for executive education. Here students learn to become "whole leaders," to develop leadership skills and drive their companies into the future. When they want inspiration, they have only to stroll over to Pic's exquisite restaurant. They see that it reflects all the values taught at the best leadership development programs.

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