IMD Diagnostics

Develop holistic, objective and evidence-based insights on your organization

IMD Diagnostics is a comprehensive qualitative assessment tool for top business leaders to develop deep, objective and evidence-based insights into the state of the business today, as well as its readiness for the future.

Moving beyond surveys and quantitative benchmarking exercises, the  IMD Diagnostics process builds on engaging and listening to the organization through a series of individual and group dialogs to challenge traditional assumptions and ways of working.

With the IMD Diagnostics, we identify and uncover key issues, such as:

  • Blind spots in strengthening the core business foundation
  • Opportunities for accelerating growth and transformation
  • Areas to explore in shaping the future of the organization
Benefits for organizations
  • Objective analysis of the company’s current situation, key opportunities for growth and challenges that hold the company back.
  • Engage with employees across geographies/hierarchies/business units. Strong message that employees are listened to and can contribute, increasing enthusiasm and engagement moving forward.
  • Build a shared point of view among the leadership team about the company situation.
  • Enable leaders to prioritize and address opportunities and challenges today, and to shape the future direction of the company.
  • IMD support as independent provocateur and challenger.
How does it work?

With IMD acting as provocateur and advisory partner, the process enables difficult conversations among senior leaders in building collective priorities and a shared leadership agenda.


IMD Diagnostics Process