Schedule for OWP Lausanne 2022

OWP welcomes individuals and teams. The program is fully customizable, so you choose the most relevant topics to solve your challenges and grow your business.

Customize your week

As an individual
Pick the most relevant topics and streams to solve your challenges and drive your business forward. Take back tools and strategies that you can implement immediately.

As a team
OWP is the ideal environment for your teams to regroup, plan ahead, and build highly effective collaborations. A wide range of options enable teams to work together on post-pandemic challenges and develop specific solutions at the corporate level. Team members can also work on individual development needs to effectively lead and collaborate in the new normal.

Insight sessions

Power start your day with a 1-hour insight session into a critical business issue or opportunity.


Gain in-depth knowledge of the market opportunities and innovations that most interest you. Classes are highly participative and interactive to keep you inspired and motivated all day long!

Special topics

Focus on a special topic such as an integrative case study, personal leadership assessment or business simulation. Sessions are highly interactive to stimulate new perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking.

Keynote speakers

Be inspired by stories of success in challenging environments and reminded why you should never give up!


Connect with the people that matter to you and grow your network.