Introducing Orchestrating Winning Performance Dubai

We are excited to announce the inaugural edition of Orchestrating Winning Performance, in collaboration with our local partners in Dubai for the very first time.

Ideally placed between East and West, Dubai offers you an extraordinarily stimulating and inspiring venue for OWP. With its forward-thinking, bold entrepreneurship, Dubai has orchestrated its own winning performance in just a few decades, transforming into a thriving global hub for commerce and innovation.

This is IMD “on the road” bringing you the latest business knowledge and our Faculty’s world-class research and teaching in collaboration with our local delivery partners. Couple this Dubai spirit with the annual energy recharge, positive impact and boosted results that OWP brings you – and you are guaranteed a high energy, high impact week.

More than 20,000 international companies, (including 100+ Fortune 500 companies) now enjoy the welcoming hospitality of Dubai. Participants will experience an exciting international location and influential business hub in one dynamic setting.

Get inspired, excited and energized by OWP’s visionary spirit in Dubai, November 17-21, 2019.

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