Unique business management course for teams

Orchestrating Winning Performance provides your company with exceptional opportunities to focus on your specific team challenges and/or strategic issues, and to develop solutions at the corporate level. Companies who have a corporate university, can extend their capacity by embedding OWP into their learning development plan.

Other top business schools and universities also partner with OWP, to offer their students and alumni a greater diversity of programs and international exposure.

The fully customizable schedule enables you to tailor the program to your team and corporate needs. Choose from a range of options below, and talk with a member of OWP’s Client & Market Development team to prepare the learning journey that matches you.

Special team pricing offer

Reduced fee for each additional participant from the same company
5th participant from the same company comes for free!
Additional fees apply for company-specific team options

 Get the best out of your OWP experience and join as a team! 

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