Get a preview of Orchestrating Winning Performance LiVe Program

Mini Masterclass and Information Session

Get a preview of OWP LiVe

Mini Masterclass and Information Session

Get a preview of OWP LiVe

Mini Masterclass and Information Session

Mini-Masterclass & Information Session
Tuesday, 15 June 2021 at 10:00 CEST
Online (Zoom)
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Join IMD faculty for a free, interactive information session on Orchestrating Winning Performance liVe program (OWP) plus 30-minute masterclass on "Leveraging Business Ecosystems for Competitive Advantage".


Program introduction by Professor Tawfik Jelassi (15 minutes)
• How the program works plus hot topics
• How to customize your schedule
• How the real-time interactive technology connects you

Mini masterclass with Professor James Henderson (30 minutes)
• "Leveraging Business Ecosystems for Competitive Advantage"

With radical reduced transaction costs, increasing moves towards solutions and platform based strategies, business ecosystems have become ever more important. According to McKinsey, approximately 32% of global sales is expected to come from ecosystems. Yet, many companies outside of high tech and pharma lack the capabilities to building them out and leverage them.

Live Q&A  (15 minutes)

What is OWP liVe?

IMD's signature program, OWP, brings you the latest business trends, thought leadership and insights to revitalize your business, drive innovation and lead you forward.

Designed for individuals and teams, OWP is now available in liVe virtual format, using pioneering, state-of-the-art, virtual learning technology that connects you with all IMD’s world-class faculty and stimulating keynote speakers.

Who should join?
OWP liVe is ideal for executives and teams from all industries and geographies, seeking fresh business perspectives and opportunities to re-energize and transform their business.

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Meet your professors
Tawfik Jelassi is Professor of Strategy and Technology Management at IMD. He has been since 2016 Co-Director of the Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) program in Lausanne and Singapore/Dubai, which is IMD’s largest executive education program with over 600 participants enrolled per year. His major research, teaching and consulting interests are in the areas of digital business transformation and leadership in turbulent times.

James E. Henderson is Professor of Strategic Management at IMD. Prior to joining IMD, he was an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at Babson College and Babson School of Executive Education, based in Boston, MA.
His areas of special interest are: Strategy under uncertainty, Competitive strategy, Corporate strategy, Strategy execution. Professor Henderson helps companies achieve and sustain their competitive advantage either at a business unit, corporate or global level through directing custom specific executive programs, facilitating strategy workshops, or teaching MBAs and executives
Tawfik Jelassi

Professor of Strategy and Technology Management
James Henderson

Professor of Strategic Management