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Negotiation Skills TrainingNegotiation skills training can boost the performance of experienced executives who want to achieve the next level of effectiveness as a leader. All executives are of course negotiators; negotiating is part of what running an organization is all about. But most executives, even seasoned leaders, stand to win from negotiation skills training that can give them the extra edge they need to lead effectively.

Meeting complex challenges with confidence

Top executives are already high achievers with a list of accomplishments to look back on. But going forward, the challenges are becoming more complex in an increasingly interconnected global marketplace. Decisions that made sense yesterday lose their relevance as market conditions, technology and society change. Colliding cultures can lead to conflicts that are not always easy to manage. Against this background, as a business leader you are increasingly expected to:

  • Influence with more impact
  • Manage change and complexity with conviction and authenticity
  • Communicate a clear, winning vision for your organization
  • Enhance and expand your leadership authority

Benefiting from negotiating skills training

High-performance leadership programs from top business schools that include negotiating skills training can equip you to take on such challenges with assurance. The lessons of dealing with hostages turn out to be very beneficial for business leaders. Fear of conflict can turn executives into psychological “hostages” who are paralyzed and unable to challenge others. A dynamic executive leadership program can incorporate the techniques used successfully by hostage negotiators to deliver positive change for you and your company.

Managing conflict to yield positive results
Negotiation Skills TrainingConflicts are part and parcel of any high-performing organization. Disputes and disagreements are normal among individuals who hold steadfastly to what they believe in. This can lead to creativity, change and productivity. But confronting conflict can pose risks with damaging results. The challenge for a top executive is to ensure that conflicts can be resolved in a win-win way. Executive programs with negotiating skills training can provide business leaders with the skills to communicate effectively, break down barriers and change mindsets.

Re-evaluating belief systems

To manage conflict leaders need first to manage themselves. This is the essence of the best corporate leadership training offered by schools for business management. Tactics for managing yourself include re-evaluating your beliefs and focusing on the “mind’s eye,” or visualizing for success. One trick is to treat obstacles as opportunities. The best leadership programs teach a variety of ways to manage conflict, such as understanding and establishing a bond with adversaries and promoting positive dialogue.

Learning through high-impact techniques

Negotiation Skills TrainingBoosting your negotiating skills should be an integral part of top leadership development programs. But effective programs should also offer a package of other learning methods focused on making your managerial style more successful. The focus should always be on you, your leadership styles, your vision and the impact you make on the people you work with and your customers. The most highly regarded leadership development courses provide learning through such techniques as self-awareness exercises, role-playing and intensive interaction with other participants.
Seeking out a top business school

There’s much more to be said about training experienced executives to become top performing leaders. But keep in mind that any leadership development program is only as good as the business school that delivers it. Seek out a top-ranked school recognized by such respected publications as The Financial Times, The Economist or Forbes. Then look for a leadership course that can drive bottom-line results with programs that include negotiating skills training!

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Discover how IMD's Negotiating for Value Creation can boost your competitive advantage. Download the (NEW) program brochure now. 

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