Discovery Event

Discovery Event

Discovery Event

November 18-19, 2021
IMD NEXUS members only
Building an Impactful Sustainability Strategy

There is an increasing realization that the ‘take-make-waste’ mode of organizing is not sustainable – not for the planet, not for our societies, and not for ourselves. While large companies are often denounced as being part of the sustainability problem, seizing their size and scale for achieving a positive impact will certainly be one of the decisive factors in our collective efforts to halt global warming and address social inequalities.

For business leaders this poses the fundamental challenge of redesigning their companies in a way that respects planetary boundaries and social equity while continuing to realize important profit and growth opportunities. Although many companies have initiated a variety of programs and initiatives to address issues of sustainability, these programs are often poorly aligned and weakly integrated within the overall business strategy. However, to seize the full impact potential of the different sustainability activities, these need to be organized and implemented in a more strategic manner. In fact, research and best practice suggest that, if done right, a sustainability strategy can contribute to the innovativeness, competitiveness, and resilience of a company.

In this discovery session, we will demystify the “how to” of building an impactful sustainability strategy. To do so, we will embark on a collaborative learning journey moving from the company’s bigger purpose, the “Why”, to a set of concrete actions business leaders can take in their attempts to increase impact. By providing actionable frameworks and tools, introducing illustrative case examples, as well as by engaging participants’ intuition and creativity, participants will experience how they can shape the future as organizational change agents.


November 18

09:00-10:15        Session 1: It’s All About the Why!

                                The Importance of Corporate Values, Mission and Vision

10:45-12:00        Session 2: Increase Your Future Readiness

                                Imagining and creating the future today

November 19

09:00-10:15        Session 3: Let’s Talk Materiality

                                Using materiality assessments as a basis for dynamic strategizing

10:45-12:00        Session 4: Towards an Integrated Sustainability Strategy

                                Embedding sustainability across the organization

Julia Binder

Professor of Sustainable Innovation and Business Transformation Director of IMD Center for Sustainable and Inclusive Business



Thursday, November 18, 2021

Friday, November 19, 2021




*This event is reserved for members of IMD NEXUS and is credited as part of the organizations’ membership.

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