Discovery Event

Discovery Event

Discovery Event

February 11-12, 2021
IMD NEXUS members only
The Impact of Sustainability on Marketing’s Future

Marketing has too often become a “dirty word” (e.g.: “is this true or is this (just) marketing”?). Most of the critique may be unjustified, but when one takes a hard look at traditional marketing practices, it is difficult to ignore marketers’ responsibility. This is all the more important as formidable environmental and societal challenges lie ahead. One of marketing’s roles is to scan and decipher a firm’s environment, which must make a more efficient and equitable use of the world’s resources.

In this Discovery Event, you will first reflect on current marketing practices and what Professor Dalsace calls the “ego-marketing drive”. Another type of marketing exists however, one that can help nudge us in a more sustainable direction.  

Marketing’s ability to drive change is tightly linked to the fact that changing consumers’ attitudes and behaviors is a fundamental part of the task ahead.
Professor Dalsace showcases seven tasks that marketeers should come to grips with.

The objective of this Discovery Event is to review current practices and to systematically investigate possible avenues to develop new, or “alter”, marketing practices. Participants will become aware of the responsibility they have, as their own decisions will be shaping tomorrow’s world. They will develop critical knowledge of new marketing thinking and practices in this area.


Participants will critically re-examine the agenda of their marketing teams and set up alter-marketing projects.

Target audience:

Marketing leaders, CSR executives and general managers who want to be part of the solution.


Thursday – 09:00-12:00

Professor Dalsace will present his views on the “Future of Marketing”. Like Janus, Marketing presents two opposite sides, “ego-“ and “alter-marketing”, which are co-evolving.

Discuss how New Information Communication technologies will frame the future of marketing in a rapidly changing environment.

Friday - 09:00-12:00

Professor Dalsace will present a seven-pronged proposal for how marketing departments can help us exert control over our use of resources.

Discuss the seven tasks reviewing the current situation at your own company in small break-out groups. Learn and exchange how other companies are tackling this challenge and discuss it with the group. As a conclusion, the insights of the different teams will be shared, and Prof. Dalsace will provide relevant input and answers. 

Following the meeting we will create a “white-paper” outlining the outcomes of the session.  

Frederic Dalsace

Professor of Marketing and Strategy



Thursday, February 11, 2021

Friday, February 12, 2021




*This event is reserved for members of IMD NEXUS and is credited as part of the organizations’ membership.

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