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Participants from Building on Talent (BOT) tell how the program shaped their careers

April 29, 2015

IMD's Building on Talent (BOT) program helps high-potential managers who are at an early stage in their careers prepare for greater responsibility.

It focuses on business fundamentals, leadership foundations, and how to integrate these skills with cross functional knowledge.

We talked to some participants from last year's program to see what BOT did for them.

Pierre Hemeryck, Operations Manager at Meggitt Sensing Systems, currently based in California, said the program allowed him to take a step back and refocus.

"Building on Talent gave me a once in a lifetime challenge. I reconsidered my personal life, my behaviors, my career, and the way I had been organized. I gained a better understanding of what makes my colleagues tick. The authority that IMD provided allowed me to give insights to leadership at my organization. I gained a great deal of self-confidence from the program. Simulating real company situations was a very useful way to learn," said Pierre.

For Lars Brittain, Head of Events and Networking Activities, at the Association of Danish Lawyers and Economists (known as DJOEF in Danish), the program was transformative.

"My initial purpose for attending was to get new tools and knowledge about business models, leadership and management. I did gain many insights related to these, which I have used in my organization, but the greatest part of my experience was the personal development and the way I feel that I transformed over the course of the modules. I was challenged on so many levels. I was so impressed by the way that every single session seemed to fit into the overall purpose of my transformation," he said.

The program lasts four weeks and is split into two modules. It includes pre and post-program support.

"Building on Talent is intense, unique and deeply rewarding. If you're ready to build on your talent, become a next-generation leader, and stretch yourself, join us for the next session," said John Walsh, IMD Professor and BOT program Director.

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