OWP 2011
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The world is changing. So is the IMD MBA program.

Developed and enhanced based on input from recruiters, alumni and academic research, the new IMD MBA program incorporates a pioneering new continuous "action learning cycle approach." Through the careful integration of classes, live business cases and projects, MBA participants will truly be able to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real leadership situations.

Learn more about these new changes and check out IMD MBA Program Director Professor Martha Maznevski's latest Tomorrow’s Challenge article: Is the MBA obsolete?.
Best regards,
The IMD Webletter Team
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Building the foundations for lifelong learning
Message from Professor Leif M. Sjöblom, AEDP Program Director
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The Great Debate
Do company boards need quotas for women?
NO! By IMD Research Fellow Jean-Louis Barsoux
YES! By IMD Professor Ginka Toegel
IMD TCs Feed
The Egyptian revolution
The Egyptian revolution
What it means for global business
By IMD Professor Jean-Pierre Lehmann
Is the MBA obsolete?
Is the MBA obsolete?
Maybe, unless it changes...
By IMD Professor Martha Maznevski
get the right directors onto the board
How to get the right directors onto the board
Transform the nominating committee
By IMD Professor Paul Strebel
Turkey’s dynamic resurgence
Turkey’s dynamic resurgence in the new global era
The pivotal bridge of the 21st century
By IMD Professor Jean-Pierre Lehmann
dark side of best practices
Beware of the dark side of best practices
Concerns and questions to ask
By IMD Professor Michael Wade
Inshore, offshore
Inshore, offshore, which shore?
Challenges and new realities facing the supply chain
By IMD Professor Carlos Cordon
The Great Debate
Role-modeling resilience: post-crisis organizational learning
By Michael Stanford, IMD Executive Director
The Great Debate
Giving up to get more
By IMD Professor Bill Fischer
The Great Debate
A unique partnership - IMD and JTI
An interview with IMD President Dominique Turpin
The Great Debate
What is special about IMD Partnership Programs
Thoughts from IMD Professor Winter Nie
Effectuation OPL PED 12th Nikkei Global Mgmt Forum
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Upcoming IMD CSM Roundtable set to explore sustainable financial models
IMD wins four ecch Case Awards
IMD alumnus Jarib Fogaça carries out ambitious growth for KPMG in Brazil
Polar explorer Liv Arnesen to speak at IMD-WIN Women in Leadership Event
IMD online interactive contest comes to an end; prize winners announced
IMD takes part in UN Global Compact discussion in Davos
Power like powder in the sands of the Arabic world
Nominations open for the IMD – Lombard Odier Global Family Business Award
IMD study: Singapore Airlines is the best Singaporean brand for the world
IMD ranked first worldwide on aims achieved, international mobility and international students by the Financial Times
Dr Victor Fung gives keynote as The Evian Group @ IMD hosts MBA Roundtable
IMD rings in the Chinese New Year with analysis from Professors Jean-Pierre Lehmann and Winter Nie
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IMD and W.I.N to hold women in leadership event
Alumni club events
Forthcoming MBA fairs/information sessions
Strategic Finance

April 3 - 8, 2011
Program for Executive Development

April 5 - May 5, 2011
Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives

April 3 - 15, 2011
Orchestrating Winning Performance

June 26 - July 1, 2011
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