Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP), June 20–25, 2010
The global business program for individuals and teams
Dear Reader,

How should you react to the new economic environment and what is the competitive outlook for 2010 and beyond?

Are you managing a complex organization - one in which there are multiple dimensions?

Professors Stéphane Garelli and Phil Rosenzweig will respectively provide insights into these questions during Orchestrating Winning Performance. They are just two of the many IMD professors who will teach in the program and provide you with a transformational experience that will help you take control in this difficult environment.

Challenge your beliefs and get a glimpse into the future. We look forward to welcoming you and your team on our campus this June.

Until then, enjoy the OWP special issue below as well as the OWP web platform:
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St├ęphane Garelli
Business as unusual - A competitive outlook for 2010 and beyond
By IMD Professor Stéphane Garelli - Evening session
Phil Rosenzweig
Managing complex organizations: Configuration and coordination for high performance
By IMD Professor Phil Rosenzweig - Afternoon stream
Matthew Pinsent
Attributes of a successful team - What it takes to be a champion
Sir Matthew Pinsent, Quadruple Olympic gold medallist rower
OWP special guest speaker - Evening session
David Plouffe
Insights from the historic Obama campaign
David Plouffe, Campaign Manager Obama for America
OWP special guest speaker - Evening session
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Steps for a Black Swan robust economic system
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of the best-selling book The Black Swan
OWP special guest speaker - Evening session
The Automobile Industry Revolution
The automobile industry revolution
Riding the rollercoaster
By Professor Dominique Turpin
OWP stream: Creating markets: Exploring growth opportunities
Buckle up auto industry!
Buckle up auto industry!
New realities await
By Professor Carlos Cordon
OWP stream: Winning through supply chain: Delivering value to customers
60 years of credit cards
60 years of credit cards
The industry's state of affairs
By Professor Arturo Bris
OWP stream: New ideas in corporate finance: Addressing financing gaps
What must we learn from the crisis?
Governance: What must we learn from the crisis?
10 key lessons
By Professor Paul Strebel
OWP plenary session: The future of corporate governance
A key to high performance leadership
The power of forgiveness: A key to high performance leadership
Lessons from a father of a murder victim
By Professor George Kohlrieser
OWP stream: Leading at the edge: Developing professional and organizational growth
Happy Birthday India!
Happy Birthday India!
By Professor Bala Chakravarthy
OWP stream: Building global stategies: Mastering new challenges
The Hermit Kingdom goes global
The Hermit Kingdom goes global
Taking a look at the Republic of Korea's history and future prospects
By Professor Jean-Pierre Lehmann
OWP plenary session: The Asian 21st century
Value add through effective use of information
Value add through effective use of information
How some companies outperform competition
By Professor Donald A. Marchand
OWP plenary session: CSR: The new public/private cooperation
OWP NEWS Back to top
Robeco HR exec offers insights on human resource management
Roll Back Malaria case to be unveiled during IMD's Orchestrating Winning Performance program
Obama administration brings in David Plouffe as advisor
Special team offers
Special team offers
OWP offers unique benefits for companies that send a team of executives
Program for Executive Development (PED)
Program for Executive Development (PED) alumni offer
Gain insights into the latest thinking on strategy, innovation and leadership
Energy and utilities offer
Energy and utilities offer
Discuss key management issues facing your industry
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