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You have never faced tougher stakeholder demands. You are expected to make sense of these unprecedented economic times, work in new ways to overcome seemingly impossible challenges and at the same time respond to fresh opportunities. The 2010 OWP program has allowed you to challenge your beliefs and ensure that you are ready for future challenges.

At the same time, you must orchestrate complex resource networks to create sustainable advantage. You need to exude the confidence that comes from clarity of understanding and vision as well as a belief and trust in your team’s capabilities. By taking the helm and guiding stakeholders through these uncharted waters you can provide comfort, direction and above all leadership within your organization. The program has hopefully refreshed your understanding of key growth and impact drivers and provided critical guidance on how to harness complexity to your advantage.

This special OWP Webletter showcases some of the highlights of the program. Check out the evening keynote news stories, latest Tomorrow’s Challenge articles linked to program content, interviews with program participants and teams from around the world and more. Enjoy!
Best regards,
Professors Bettina Büchel & Seán Meehan
OWP Program Co-Directors
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Watch all the interviews
The OWP 2010 Questions
Watch all the interviews
Quenten Wentworth
The OWP 2010 Questions
Quenten Wentworth, BIC GRAPHIC USA (United States)
Gustavo Vieira
The OWP 2010 Questions
Gustavo Vieira, VALE (Brazil)
Vuyani Jarana
The OWP 2010 Questions
Vuyani Jarana, VODACOM PTY LDT (South Africa)
Irina Pronina
The OWP 2010 Questions
Teams use Orchestrating Winning Performance
Teams use Orchestrating Winning Performance to explore and discuss new business perspectives
Ajit Venkataraman
Coffee Break with the Leaders
Hazim Al-Dabbagh
Saudi executive Hazim Al-Dabbagh never stops learning at IMD
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Nassim Nicholas Taleb of Black Swan fame addresses audience at IMD's OWP program
Matthew Pinsent
Matthew Pinsent inspires business executives to lead high performing teams
Professor Stéphane Garelli
Professor Stéphane Garelli offers insights on competitiveness in 2010 and beyond
David Plouffe
Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe explains the details of a winning organizational culture in OWP keynote
IMD TCs Feed
iPads and executive education
iPads and executive education
How it can revolutionize the classroom
By Professor Bettina Büchel and CTO Iain Cooke
The Asian 21st century
The Asian 21st century
Keys for continued growth
By Professor Jean-Pierre Lehmann
The G-20 Summit
The G-20 Summit
A new disappointment?
By Professor Arturo Bris
CNN, Brockhaus, and the fate of traditional players
CNN, Brockhaus, and the fate of traditional players
How not to become a casualty of new technologies
By Professor Albrecht Enders and Research Fellow Andreas Koenig
How is the culture in your company?
How is the culture in your company?
A model for success
By Professor Dan Denison
So much cash, so few investment opportunities
So much cash, so few investment opportunities
Will the Wenzhou Equities Operation Center help family businesses?
By Professor Joachim Schwass, Research Fellow Willem Smit and Fang Liu
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iPads revolutionize learning in the IMD classroom
Jamie Andrew offers insights on "Leading at the Edge"
IMD recognizes participants' commitment to lifelong learning
OWP session examines "human capital"
Knowledge exchange event provides learnings for OWP and MBA participants
Rowing champion Matthew Pinsent participates in live webcast
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The real winners of the FIFA World Cup
The real winners of the FIFA World Cup
The South Africa success story
By Dr Hischam El-Agamy, IMD Executive Director
How the FIFA World Cup sponsors can be victorious
How the FIFA World Cup sponsors can be victorious
The benefits of sponsoring sporting events
By Professor Dominique Turpin
Keeping an eye on a more fragile ball
Keeping an eye on a more fragile ball
Planet, people and profit at major sporting events
By Dr Aileen Ionescu-Somers and Ann Duffy
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