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"Despite the enormous pool of talented people that have characterized almost two decades of globalization, most of these individuals and their ideas continue to be ensnared in organizational cages left over from periods of capital and labor-intensity, designed for command and control, rather than liberation and excellence. The results: great people achieving mediocre results. What an extraordinary waste!"

These are the words of IMD Professor Bill Fischer, Director of the Driving Strategic Innovation program. In his Tomorrow's Challenge "Smart People, Leading Smarter People", Professor Fischer describes six leadership practices adopted by great teams that were defined by big, ambitious, personally-risky goals and a relentless search for the absolute best talent.

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"The service recovery paradox: dispelling the myth"
By Professor Stefan Michel and Research Associate Sophie Coughlan

Research indicates that customers who have lodged a service complaint are typically concerned about fairness. Service failure implies unfair treatment of the customer, therefore recovery needs to re-establish justice from the customer’s perspective. In this article, Professor Stefan Michel and Research Associate Sophie Coughlan explain why highly skilled managers and employees are a must to implement the service logic for high quality initial service and excellent recovery.
"Don't waste the crisis: Opportunity knocks!"
By Professor Seán Meehan and Bernie Jaworski, President of Monitor Executive Development

For management teams ready to step up to the new leadership challenges and with the ambition to shape the economy going forward, now is the time. Professor Seán Meehan and Monitor Executive Development President, Bernie Jaworski, offer straightforward advice to all executives: sort out the core, build around it and then - only then - change the game. Don't waste this crisis. Don't ignore the opportunity and don't blow it!
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IMD to hold workshop at the World ICT Exhibition and Forum
Companies benefit from innovative approach in IMD's Forum for Corporate Sustainability Management
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"Anybody who has suffered a major loss - whether it is a personal or professional one - knows that people, supported by others, can have an extraordinary resilience to bounce back from even the most unthinkable crises. It simply requires the emotional and technical skills to do so. The current world financial crisis is no different." - Professor George Kohlrieser, Director of the High Performance Leadership program
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