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"Change begins with me" is fundamental to IMD's Mobilizing People (MP) program. Self-awareness, exploring your motivations, emotions and behavior is central to enhancing leadership from within. Discover your own leadership potential and apply new personal insights by participating in Mobilizing People.

Also in this Webletter: Our special focus on climate change.
"Climate change is arguably the biggest threat humanity has ever faced," says Professor Michael Yaziji in his Tomorrow’s Challenges article. "The issue is already having consequences for business today, and there will be increasing social, political and economic impact felt in the coming years." Read this and other Tomorrow's Challenges on climate change in this issue.

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The catastrophic consequences of a Copenhagen cop-out
Responsible business leadership is imperative
Winning through the winds of climate change
Are you ready for the big changes and opportunities?
Corporate social responsibility report card
The good and bad news
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Leadership through collaboration
How CERN's Atlas project came to fruition
Responsible leadership
Getting the right results the right way
The value of the long-term view
Balancing the shareholders’ and stakeholders’ priorities
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Hummers and Saabs from China
Why Chinese businesses invest abroad
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Post recession toolbox: Five ways to keep your people on board
How to deal with negative energy
Post recession toolbox: Is your business ready for the upswing?
Time to review your company's strategy
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"Leadership through collaboration and harmony: How to lead without formal authority"
By IMD Professor Donald A. Marchand and Research Associate Philippe Margery.

In this Perspectives for Managers, our authors look at how the ATLAS collaboration at CERN (the European nuclear research center in Geneva) resulted in the world's largest ever physics experiment.
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IMD EMBA Afghan water project
IMD MBA announces scholarship award winners
Hertz turns Wednesday Webcasts into real learning seminars
Royal Dutch Shell CEO Peter Voser offers insights during webcast
IMD Professor Arturo Bris shares insights on what has changed since the crisis
IMD Professor Stewart Hamilton on Dubai debt crisis
IMD announces Nassim Taleb as an OWP keynote speaker
Dutch executive Marjon Oosterhout benefits from IMD learning approach
IMD Professor Lehmann on Obama visit to China
IMD German alumni test-drive Aston Martin sport cars
IMD MBA alumnus Sultan Alturki relishes opportunity to represent IMD on Foundation Board
MBA 2009 participant profile: Eric Vergara
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IMD announces Nassim Taleb as an OWP keynote speaker
IMD MBAs gain innovation insights in Bangladesh
Royal Dutch Shell CEO Peter Voser offers insights during webcast
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