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Two top Swiss finance organizations support higher education through a merit award

Andrea Michahelles - Winner of the 2016 FVFB/AVB prize
November 2016

In order to support how higher education plays a role in shaping banking and finance, The Fondation Vaudoise pour la Formation Bancaire (FVFB) and the Association Vaudoise des Banques (AVB) have come together with IMD to offer a prestigious, merit-based award.

From left to right:  Mr. Dominique Fasel, FVFB President, Andrea Michahelles award recipient, Mr. Robert-Philippe Bloch, AVB President, Ralf Boscheck, MBA Program Director


The winner of 2016 FVFB/AVB prize, the third to be awarded, was Andrea Michahelles.

The FVFB/AVB prize, established in 2014, will be awarded a total of 5 times to one IMD MBA participant per year.

Andrea was selected by IMD Faculty based on her contribution in the classroom, openness of attitude, capacity for overcoming obstacles, contribution to teamwork and development over the year.

“When I look at the past months, and how the entire year has passed by, I realize how enriching learning journey we’ve been on together,” said Andrea. “In receiving this award, I’m grateful to the people at IMD, and to my fellow classmates, 89 exceptional executives. Without their support, I would not have been the person chosen for the prize. They motivate me and inspire me to become a better professional and human being every day. We are on a journey of success together.”

Andrea, who is Peruvian, came to IMD’s MBA program with over 9 years of experience in strategy, supply chain consulting and engineering.

“I am honoured to receive this prize and grateful to IMD and the FVFB/AVB for having found me worthy,” she said.

Each year the award is given to a student from outside Western Europe or North America.

Dominique Fasel, President of the FVFB, said, “The mission of the FVFB is to contribute to education and research in banking and finance. By reaching out and providing this opportunity for future leaders, we aim to take an active role in helping shape advancement in our industry.”

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