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IMD’s online-based programs “personalized and engaging,” says participant

Maija Karhusaari of ABB in Finland tells why the IMD Global Leadership in the Cloud experience is exceptional
March 2016

IMD has recently launched a series of online-based programs bringing the quality of its top-ranked face-to-face learning to the offices of executives worldwide.

Participants in IMD’s new Global Leadership in the Cloud series engage in a highly-personalized and interactive experience, with individual coaching, learning partners, feedback and recommendations provided throughout the programs.

Maija Karhusaari, Senior Vice President at ABB discusses her experience in Learning Leadership, part of IMD’s Global Leadership in the Cloud, which was recently awarded a Gold Medal for being the best advance in unique learning technology in 2015.

IMD: What has been your previous experience with online learning?

Maija Karhusaari: My previous experience with online learning has been in the format of e-learning courses or tutorials with specific themes. These have very little in common with IMD’s Learning Leadership online-based program. The biggest differences were the high amount of interaction with other students, with the program coach, and the amount of off-line work in the form of assignments and high-quality readings in the IMD program.

What were your expectations about this course and how did the reality compare?

Maija Karhusaari: I have to admit I was maybe a little bit skeptical on how well an online course could actually engage and inspire, but it did both. There were also a lot of off-line assignments. All-in-all, the program far exceeded my expectations.

What were some of the features you appreciated most?

Maija Karhusaari: There were many. I appreciated the interactive element designed into the course: the coach, the personal buddy and the changing weekly working groups offered a great network of fellow leaders from different countries, organizations and backgrounds. Exchanging ideas and reflecting on the weekly topics in this kind of environment was great. I also appreciated the high quality of the materials offered in this program.

Did you feel like the experience was tailored to your needs?

Maija Karhusaari: Yes. Especially the individual assignments and interaction with my program coach and buddy took the learning to a personal level. There were parts in the program that were tailored to identifying and developing my individual leadership skills.

Will it help you be a better leader?

Maija Karhusaari: Absolutely. The course offered some valuable insights into my own leadership style and improvement areas.

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