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How OWP helped Peikko Corporation's leaders strengthen the company's future

Topi Paananen, CEO at Peikko Corporation, explains how OWP brought his C-Suite together to work on future strategy
February 2016

Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP), IMD’s week-long, customizable program to reinvigorate business leaders, is coming up this June 27-July 1.

OWP provides individuals and teams with the latest management thinking in a customizable format as well as networking with a large pool of international executives.

We spoke with CEO Topi Paananen about how OWP strengthened his executive team.
IMD: What has been your experience with OWP?

Topi Paananen: I have been to OWP a number of times, alone as well as with several colleagues, both as individuals and taking the program together as a team. The program is very flexible so it works well for individuals and teams and it is worth taking every year.

IMD: What was unique about participating in OWP as a team?

Topi Paananen: It was excellent because we went to sessions that personally interested us alone but we also attended others together and followed a module organized just for us; so we had the best of several worlds. Together, we debriefed what we learned at the end of each day so we really retained a lot of what we were exposed to. The program allows our executives to choose what is relevant to them and provides a platform to improve our teamwork. We did not customize OWP 100% but we had a special session organized for us which focused on our team’s must-win battles.

IMD: How was OWP beneficial to your team and your company?

Topi Paananen: We had the opportunity to discuss in-depth the most important projects that our company is undertaking. The program allowed us to spend relatively a lot of time together. We are a management team which is spread out over several continents so being able to be in the same place and focus on our pressing business issues was extremely valuable.

IMD: Were you able to implement what you learned at OWP once you returned to the office?

Topi Paananen: Our session on must-win battles, for example, laid down the roadmap for a strategy that we put in place after OWP. We also have a much better working relationship after attending the program together.

IMD: What did you appreciate the most about OWP?

Topi Paananen: For me as a CEO the most important aspect of the program was that it allowed us as a team to have a great platform to expose us to totally new ideas but at the same time helped us to develop a consensus about where we are as a team and where we are going.

IMD: What keeps you coming back to IMD?

Topi Paananen: The teaching at IMD is very high-quality and you can also learn a great deal from the other participants who are accomplished and come from around the world.

Find out more about OWP and the next sessions in Lausanne and Singapore:

Sign up now for the early bird offer for teams.

Watch this video to see how you can customize the program.

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