Advanced ed. for JTI’s global workforce with the IMD Corp. Learning Network
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Advanced ed. for JTI’s global workforce with the IMD Corp. Learning Network

JTI’s Leadership Development Director tells how IMD provides a mix of innovative solutions
November 2016


JTI (Japan Tobacco International) was looking to answer the question: How can we provide learning and development resources to our global population in an impactful way?

“IMD’s Corporate Learning Network (CLN), offers a tailored mix of research and thought leadership, as well as face-to-face learning, events, and online programs. It provides JTI’s diverse workforce with high-quality and cost-effective learning solutions that executives can follow at their own pace, including many of whom are in widespread and hard to reach locations,” explained Tatiana Mateeva, JTI’s Leadership Development Director, who was recently named ‘Leadership Development Professional of the year’ by Worldwide Branding.


IMD’s Corporate Learning Network was able to respond to JTI’s needs by providing an easily accessible gateway to IMD’s innovative learning solutions, and a wide range of services.

For Tatiana, her company is more than just of member of CLN. “I would call it a partnership. IMD listens to what our needs are. The CLN is a red thread through our whole learning program. Irrespective of the function you come from, your interests and where you are in your career – you can always find something there,” says Tatiana.

Learning Hub

The CLN Learning Hub centralizes the different offerings of the network and is a helpful learning asset, especially for a spread-out workforce like JTI’s. “The Learning Hub gives us access to so much at the same time. The beauty of it is that you start searching for one thing, and then you come across even more useful material. It’s contains a wealth of information that we can access immediately,” according to Tatiana.

CLN members like JTI also appreciate how IMD supports them in developing the corporate learning business case for decision makers in the company, while providing technical implementation expertise and generally assisting with any education-related obstacles they might face.

“IMD’s partnership with JTI is solid,” Tatiana affirmed.

Global Leadership in the Cloud programs (GLCs)

While the Learning Hub centralizes IMD’s CLN learning resources, its online-based courses, which make up the Global Leadership in the Cloud suite of programs, are one of the key tools that ease learning for a global workforce.

According to Tatiana: “The Global Leadership in the Cloud programs are really taken to the next level in terms of quality, structure and support available around the learning experience. They are an entirely different and more personalized type of learning than a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) is. You’re given a great deal of personalized support with these programs, which helps guarantee success.”

Discovery Events

Corporate Learning Network members also can attend the numerous Discovery Events organized at IMD about a multitude of topics relevant to today’s global organizations like digital disruption, finance, innovation and more.

“Through Discovery Events, you can meet peers from a whole range of industries,” says Tatiana. “I have to say this is refreshing as this is where I realized that other companies face similar challenges. We’re all in industries where – to different degrees – our businesses are transforming. I really appreciate the CLN’s connective role. I would never have thought we could learn so much from other industries. Networking is a big thing that CLN offers.”


Discovery Events, GLCs, and other CLN resources make a difference for JTI’s workforce on the job.

According to Tatiana this helps shape JTI’s culture continuously.

“When JTI executives come back from an IMD program you can always tell that they are speaking another language right away,” says Tatiana. “They’ll say ‘we’re playing to win,’ for instance – and you look around the room and you can see that quite a few nod in understanding.”

CLN’s digital-based learning solutions help bridge the cost gap. “I can see the impact, for sure. It’s very pragmatic and cost-effective, especially for our smaller locations where teams are even more cost-conscious,” she says. But Tatiana says that cost is not the primary driver and that CLN is also excellent because busy executives can learn at their own pace.

“IMD and CLN are providing new resources that are becoming a regular part of the learning process. As opposed to face-to-face learning being the norm and digital learning being, rather, the exception, I think it’s actually turning into a healthy combination where you can have both.”

Respond to your organization’s specific learning and development needs with IMD’s Corporate Learning Network (CLN), a comprehensive membership offering the latest and best in virtual, blended and face-to-face learning.

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