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Participants from IMD’s Leading Digital Business Transformation discuss the program’s benefits

Earlier this year, IMD launched the new open enrollment program, Leading Digital Business Transformation (LDBT).

Leading Digital Business Transformation is designed for business leaders and senior managers from all business areas, who wish to develop a strategic roadmap for digital business transformation in their organizations.

The first edition of the program just wrapped up and the second session is right around the corner in Singapore from November 23rd to 27th.

We spoke to participants from the first round of the program to get their impressions.

Luis Hernandez Echavez, Executive Vice President of Administration and Organization at Cemex, a Mexico-based global company, said “The program gave me a structured, comprehensive and practical approach on how to visualize a total transformation of our organization. It will help us to initiate change with one area of the company and then move on to create broader transformation. LDBT was not just about learning about technology, it also had a lot to do with people and culture. It taught me ways to accelerate cultural change and to stimulate thinking on how to build new business models. I very much enjoyed the program. It was insightful and useful.”

For Per Rommelhof Reimer, CEO of the Swiss-based KRM AG, “Digital transformation is absolutely essential in my current sector, which is retail. The program inspired me with many ideas that I will share and implement with the management group when I go back to the office. I learned that it is very important to have your team accept the digital strategy, or else it won’t work. It is also necessary to give today’s customers an excellent experience. And last but not least, the program showed me that it is possible to implement effective solutions with your available resources that will not necessarily break the bank”.

“IMD is one of the most reputed global institutions that provides real world learning. I signed up for the program to learn a practical framework to digitally transform my organization from A to Z, and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a rich experience and I witnessed IMD’s expertise at transforming companies into digital pioneers. I learned from peers who were working on concrete projects related to digital transformation. I am confident I will be able to put my learning into practice. It will help my government-owned company’s efforts to use technology to contribute to job creation,” said Ibrahim Al-Ateeq, IT Consulting Manager at Tamkeen technologies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

According to LDBT program director and IMD Professor Mike Wade, “Digital technology is fundamentally changing the dynamics of competition across industries. Business leaders know they must transform their organizations but they're struggling with meeting the challenge of how to do it. Digital transformation is not just about technology. Its benefits can only be realized through a clear understanding of organizational change, digital strategy and capability building. We aim to help business leaders find new ways to create and capture value”. 

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