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Teams use Orchestrating Winning Performance to explore

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In any given year at IMD's Orchestrating Winning Performance program, a number of participants come as part of a team.

One of the companies that has reaped the benefits of sending a team to OWP is Sonceboz, the drive system and electric motor company. Edouard Pfister, the company’s chairman, stated: “We have attended with everyone from our executive team in order to be exposed to views from other people and other industries while we undertake our four-year strategy review. Having everyone here helps us to work together to discuss our objectives and challenges, away from our email and our phones and the usual business environment. This helps us to go one step deeper.”

He also feels that being removed from the everyday business world also makes it easier to look at problems objectively.

Sonceboz has six people in total on the program. The majority of the team has taken part in the Leading at the Edge stream with Professors George Kohlrieser and John Weeks and in the Creating Markets stream with Professors Stuart Read, Dominique Turpin and Albrecht Enders.

“It has helped us to get a clear picture about what we want to do next – where we want to create new markets, how can we select these markets more proactively and so forth,” said Sonceboz CEO Pierre Gandel of the Creating Markets session content.

As for the Leading at the Edge stream, Gandel noted: “What is particularly important is that the program is linked to team building and some very good points about dialogue, listening to others and dealing with conflict. The course was very effective and informative for senior people because it explained the mistakes that CEOs often make – particularly the lack of communication and dialogue with others. Building the competence and confidence of all your senior executives is so important.”

The Sonceboz team members meet at the hotel before and after the day’s events to discuss key learning takeaways. “Every night we review the business challenges that we have defined in light of what we have all learned that day,” Gandel said. “At the end we will develop an action plan that will transform what we have learned this week into something that will bring substantial value to the company.”

This is one of OWP’s key goals: to help teams to develop a shared understanding of their organization’s priorities and then to decide how to implement any changes needed to secure those priorities.

The program is also designed to allow teams to reassess the roles and performance of each team member – something that can be difficult for senior executives, particularly when they are caught up in day-to-day management challenges. Pfister concluded: “As a leader you have to offer a clear vision to others and give them confidence in what you are saying, but at the same time you need to be open to other people’s ideas.”

Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) is IMD's largest open enrollment program, drawing participants from around the globe to the IMD campus in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is also offered in Singapore.

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