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Private Equity 4.0, a new book by IMD Professor Benoît Leleux, is out now

March 3, 2015

Private Equity 4.0, written by IMD Professor Benoît Leleux, Hans Van Swaay and Esmeralda Megally, provides an insider perspective on the private equity industry, and analyzes the fundamental evolution of the private equity asset class over the past 30 years, from alternative to mainstream. 

The book provides insightful interviews of key industry figures, and case studies of some of the success stories in the industry. It also answers key questions related to strategy, fund manager selection, incentive mechanisms, performance comparison, red flags in prospectuses, and more.

Private Equity 4.0 offers guidance for the many stakeholders that could benefit from a more complete understanding of this special area of finance.

Readers will better understand the industry's dominant business models as well as discover how value is created and performance measured.

The book performs a deep dive into the ecosystem of professionals that make the industry hum, including the different incentive systems that support the industry's players. It also helps executives elaborate a clear set of guidelines to invest in the industry and deliver better performance.

Find out more about Private Equity 4.0: Reinventing Value Creation.

Benoît Leleux
is Stephan Schmidheiny Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at IMD.

Hans van Swaay is a Partner at Lyrique and was previously Head of Private Equity at Pictet & Cie, and Managing Director of UBS Capital. He is also an IMD MBA alumnus.

Esmeralda Megally is a former manager with Boston-based venture capital firm Commons Capital. She is currently the co-founder and CEO of Xsensio, an EPFL Nanolab technology spinoff.

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