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IMD’s OWP refreshed to make executives more agile

December 16, 2015

Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) is IMD’s week-long management program where leaders are exposed to all of the must-know topics of today’s ever-changing business environment.

Participants customize the program according to what challenges they need to tackle this year.

Program Director and IMD Professor Mike Wade says the program has been refreshed to focus on the need for agility. “The world is changing so quickly that leaders need to know what’s going on now so they can adjust before it’s too late,” says Wade. “We have tried to reflect that in the program and instill the need to be agile in participants since the business environment is moving at such as fast pace.”

Some of the subjects covered at OWP 2016 that will help leaders stay relevant and find new opportunities are: leading large-scale change in a high-turbulence environment, cybersecurity, winning the fight for future growth, trends shaping the business landscape, and more.

Participants can choose from sessions that focus on how companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola, and Disney combine high-level strategy with flexibility as well as the latest thinking and practices in digital strategy.

Finance, family business, leadership and competitiveness also feature prominently in the program. 

Nobel Prize winner Kofi Annan will join us this year to share insights from his rich career of leading a global organization.

Business model innovator, entrepreneur and author Alexander Osterwalder will also be a guest speaker along with Yassmin Abdel-Magied, social activist and TED speaker and IMD competitiveness expert Arturo Bris.

Find out how you can stay agile in 2016 at OWP.

Learn how to customize the program according to your needs.

Early bird, alumni and team packages are available now.

Find out more about OWP and the next sessions in Lausanne and Singapore:

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