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“IMD’s programs charge you up like a battery refill”

Marimar Torres was recognized for her dedication to lifelong learning at IMD


During IMD's recent spring session of High Performance Boards (HPB), designed to boost the contributions of board members, Marimar Torres was recognized by IMD for her commitment to lifelong learning.

Marimar Torres is the Founder and Proprietor of the USD $4 million per year family-run Marimar Estate Vineyards in California. She is also a Board Member at Torres Winery, a USD $240 million per year family-run business in Catalonia, Spain.

IMD honored Marimar for her participation in several of its programs over the years, including High Performance Boards (HPB), Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP), Leading the Family Business (LFB), Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives (BPSE) and others.

"When I was growing up under the Franco regime is Spain, women were second-class citizens. You weren't supposed to study too much or you would scare potential husbands away. But I was determined to learn and continuous education has been very important to me," said Marimar.

Against her father's wishes, Marimar pursued university studies and eventually moved to the United States where she took business courses and continued her learning journey.

Marimar said she especially appreciates the programs at IMD for their European-oriented international perspective.

Speaking of her recent experience at the High Performance Boards program, she said: "IMD's programs charge you up like a battery refill".

Marimar's daughter Cristina Torres also participated in the recent session of High Performance Boards, as she is soon joining the Torres Board and, after she completes her MBA at Wharton University in Pennsylvania, will eventually take over her mother's winery business.

"As usual, it was an incredible experience," said Marimar. "My daughter Cristina and I very much enjoyed taking part in the program at IMD and we came back home with great inspiration."

IMD congratulates Marimar on her Lifelong Learning accomplishment.

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