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“Sometimes you think you know yourself but…”

Kachi Anaekwe gained insights into how to channel his leadership at IMD

Kachi Anaekwe is a Business Developer at Tetra Pak, a leading food processing and packaging solutions company. He hails from Nigeria but has recently relocated to Sweden with his firm.

His first experience at IMD was when he enrolled in Mobilizing People, a program designed for managers aiming to take their leadership skills to the next level.

“Sometimes you think you know yourself but in the Mobilizing People program I realized I had more to learn. It is really important to first have self-awareness before becoming a better leader,” says Kachi about the experience. “I gained a lot of insights from the program and the other participants, learning from them and seeing how they handle problems similar to what I have been through.”

After Mobilizing People, Kachi changed roles at Tetra Pak and moved from Africa to Sweden.

Wanting to continue his leadership learning journey, Kachi tried the IMD Global Leader Index. The Global Leader Index helps executives find out what they’re doing well as leaders and in what areas they need to improve by asking a series of questions about their leadership style.

After completing the questionnaire, executives receive recommendations for leadership development programs and free magazines about business topics related to the subjects in which they have room to improve.

“My individual development plan at Tetra Pak showed that I needed to prepare for a leadership role, and the Global Leader Index gave me options to benchmark myself amongst peers and other people with similar positions globally. It also helped me reflect on my current situation and it gave me recommendations on how to close the gaps. It was a useful tool,” Kachi says.

Kachi learned what his weakest area of leadership was from the Global Leader Index and decided to enrol in IMD’s Negotiating for Value Creation program to strengthen those skills.

“The Negotiating for Value Creation program was also very interesting. I learned a lot of straight forward negotiation techniques which are easy to implement.”

After finishing his IMD programs, Kachi said he now sees things very differently and what he learned has helped him once he returned to the office. The only problem is that Kachi’s colleagues didn’t undergo the same transformation he did. “The captain can’t change the direction of the ship by himself,” he says.

But he believes with tools like the IMD Global Leader Index companies could enable more leadership development. But people have to want to change, he says.

“For people to make the most out of tools like the Global Leader Index, they have to answer the questions honestly. Like everything, what you get out of it depends on the quality of what you put in.”

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The IMD Global Leader Index shows users where they stand as global leaders, how they compare with peers, and which leadership capabilities they could improve. It also proposes relevant executive education programs and free magazines.

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