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IMD team wins EFMD “best of the best” case for 2014

7 September, 2015

IMD Professor Benoît Leleux and Anne-Catrin Glemser, Family Business Research and Program Manager at IMD, won the "best of the best" distinction in the 2014 EFMD case writing competition.

They were given the prestigious award for their case "J.M. Huber: A Family of Solutions". The case examines the J.M. Huber company's trajectory since its founding in 1883, how it weathered the 2007 financial crisis, and how it has successfully handled challenging leadership successions.

The case had been previously named number one in the family business category, and has emerged as the best among the winners.

"The J.M. Huber case is excellently written and fascinating to read. The case is extremely well researched and provides great teaching and learning opportunities," wrote the selection committee comprised of Gay Haskins, Anders Aspling and Richard McCracken.

"Well-sourced family business cases are notoriously difficult to write, and this was no exception. IMD warmly congratulates Benoit and Anne-Catrin," said Anand Narasimhan, IMD Professor and Management Team member responsible for research.

J.M. Huber Corporation was the winner of the 2013 IMD–Lombard Odier Global Family Business Award (GFBA), presented to the family at the 2013 FBN Summit in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

IMD Professor Don Marchand with Anna Moncef and Patricia Santos, previously won the EFMD "best of the best" award.

Find out more about the EFMD case writing competition on its website.

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