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June 24, 2015

kakamega-photosAfter completing a program at IMD, participants are asked to fill out our voice of the customer survey, so we can constantly improve on what we offer.  

By filling out the survey, they not only help provide valuable insights on the IMD experience but they contribute to a good cause.

Each time the survey is filled out, IMD gives one Swiss franc to GIVEWATTS, a social enterprise that brings renewable energy solutions to off-grid places in Africa.

Jesper Hörnberg started the project after completing his IMD MBA in 2008.

The solar powered lamps that his organization distributes through an ever-increasing number of schools in Kenya and Tanzania are helping children get higher grades by allowing them to study after dark. They are also reducing the health hazards, expense and CO2 emissions linked to kerosene lamps, the other form of lighting currently used in most off-grid places.

Although GIVEWATTS does not exist to make its founders wealthy, it is profit maximising and no lamp is given for free. Instead, the organization works through a network of schools and local entrepreneurs to sell the lamps. The funds generated by the sales serve to finance the next batch in a self-fulfilling cycle.

The project exemplifies IMD's commitment to lifelong learning, responsible leadership, and making a difference.

IMD and GIVEWATTS are a winning partnership. IMD provides a valuable contribution to GIVEWATTS while GIVEWATTS has helped IMD get better and more customer insights through its voice of the customer project.

So far GIVEWATTS has distributed more than 17,000 lamps affecting 85,000 people.

"For me IMD is so much more than a business school. It was the beginning of a journey of exploration of both business and life, where faculty and friends from IMD have become fellow passengers and integral parts of what I can accomplish and how I have grown as a person. IMD is my secure base in a world of unknown, and with that knowledge I feel safe," said Jesper Hörnberg.

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