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IMD launches new leadership development tool: the IMD Global Leader Index

January 29, 2015

IMD has launched the IMD Global Leader Index, an innovative new online platform that allows users to benchmark their leadership capabilities against other executives and identify areas for future leadership development.

Businesses are currently spending a great deal more money on leadership assessment than on leadership development. By providing executives with a free and credible starting point for thinking about leadership development, IMD aims to make it easier and more efficient for businesses to invest in their leaders' capabilities.  

The IMD Global Leader Index shows users where they stand as global leaders, how they compare with peers, and which leadership capabilities they could improve. It also proposes relevant executive education programs and free magazines.

The methodology behind the IMD Global Leader Index is based on 20 years of academic research on leadership in global organizations by Dan Denison and Robert Hooijberg, Professors of Organizational Behavior and Leadership at IMD.

Users define their professional profile and respond to a short survey. The results identify how their leadership capabilities compare to other global leaders at the same level of responsibility, according to four key global leadership capabilities: strategic leadership, execution leadership, stakeholder leadership and personal leadership. Users also see their top competencies, as well as their weakest competencies.

Users can share their results with colleagues and networks, including through LinkedIn.

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